PalmSprings2019 DesertX_Locations


Entrance sign to city of Palm Springs.


Artist: Sterling Ruby; Title: Specter.


Orange Box on Highway 111 coming into town.


Artist: John Gerrard; Title: Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas).


Oil spray - changes direction with time. Mount San Jacinto in background.


Snowy Mount San Gorgonio North of Palm Springs.


Futuristic Bus Stop, there were three of them in town.


Artist: Pia Camil; Title: Lovers Rainbow.




Even Closer


Different Angle


Rabbits next to Highway 111


Palm Springs Art Museum, The Galen Annex in Palm Desert


Acrobatic Rabbits behind The Galen in Palm Desert


Golden Barrel Cactus


Roadrunner closeup


Native Woman


Glass Art


Bird, Bird, Bird Bird is the word; sung by the Trashmen


Title: Superflex; Dive In


Trail behind Palm Desert




Really Close


Title: Postcommodity; It exists in many forms.


Unfinished Wall


Sunnylands Entrance


Pond and Dining Area


Artist: Iman Issa; Title: Surrogates


Exhibit Plants


Bent Irrigation Tubing


Lawn Behind Museum Building


Cactus Garden


Billboard1. Artist: Cara Romero; Title: Spirits of the Desert.


Billboard2. North on Gene Autry Trail.


Billboard3. Towards Highway I10.


Billboard4. People from the past.


Bermuda Palms on South Palm Canyon Drive; Aunt Mary(and Sam)Lang used to stay here in winter.


Sherman's Deli; Cousin Sherman never came here.