Ecuador-Quito, May 18-24, 2019

--Quito, Ecuador--

Quito has a new airport about 45 minute drive (maybe) outside of town


Art at airport entrance


Traffic towards Quito; houses draped on steep hillside


Sign for Quito, with guide Willliam on right


Glass Pavilion in the park


The city is crowded in a North-South mountain valley. Subway needed.


Art Museum across from the Hilton Hotel


View of town from hill; there are four seasons in one day


Large statue of the angelic Virgin Mary overlooks the town


Statue in the Park (see board game "Careers" )


Some of our group with military


Courtyard with more of our tour group


Ornate church interior decorations


Our group stuck in the street traffic; bus could not get there


The Equator location North of town - a real tourist trap


The group is trying to figure out the phony mysteries presented


Look out! - that is Cotopaxi Volcano (very active) South of Quito