Galapagos Animals, May 20-23, 2019


Map of the Galapagos Islands


Baltra Island airport built by USA in WWII to protect Panama Canal


Galapagos Tortoise - can be about 150 years old and weigh 200 kilograms


Galapagos Tortoise - similar but bigger than Aldebra Tortoise


Monarch Butterfly


Lava tube on Santa Cruz Island


Owl in building cover for liquor still


Shark from above


Turtle side in water


Turtle front in water


Blue-footed booby on North Seymour Island


Iguana invasion


Blue-footed booby in flight


Bird with chicks among rocks


Frigatebird in flight


Male frigatebird near the bush


Galapagos iguana comes to visit


Frigatebird shows wing span


Blue-footed booby in nest


Male frigatebird with red neck pouch for mating display


Prickly -pear Cactus relatives are common in the low elevation deserts


Charles Darwin studied different finch adaptations on each island




Sea lions lying around on Santa Fe Island beach


Sea lion nursing its pup


Pelican resting on rocks on Santa Fe Island


Pelican off in the harbor. They dive for food in the lagoon


Orange crab on rocks


Galapagos iguana changes color


Cactus trees on Santa Fe Island near the harbor


Santa Cruz Island - El Garrapatero Beach


Galapagos iguana in black visits the beach


Many orange crabs on rock


Giant sea turtle found snorkeling along North Seymour Island


Closeup view of Galapagos Green Turtle


Pair of Galapagos Green Turtles


View of sea turtle - shell can be 84 cm long


Baby giant blue heron in ground plants at Finch Bay Resort


Beach near Finch Bay Resort where we stayed


Sea lion on the dock in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island