Peru Places, May 12-17, 2019


Tour of Lima


Art Museum


Palace of Justice


Central Square


Church and Pigeons


Former Train Station, now a house of Peru literature?




Wall Art


Seaside Park


Ocean Pier where group had dinner


--Cuzco (spelled Cusco in Spanish)--

Column in front of Airport (middle of town)


Museum of the Inca (has extensive collection of artifacts)


Well-constructed Inca stone wall (no mortar)


Spanish addition on top of Inca stone wall


Our Cuzco and Machu Picchu Tour Guide (going to be married)


Cuzco city from the back of church


Plant on church grounds


Other plant on church grounds


Trumpet Flower elsewhere


The Inca representation of the Milky Way


Explanation of the the astronomy artwork


Narrow Inca walkway (Cuzco was the capital of the Inca rulers)


Plaza Des Armas is the center of the town


Plaza from a different angle


Cathedral on the Plaza


School children holiday parade


Dignitary speeches


White statue of Jesus overlooks the town from the hill


--Sacred Valley (between Cuzco and Machu Picchu)--

Holiday evening school children parade


Ollantaytambo (Train Stop for Machu Picchu)


Major ruins nearby


Peak towering over the settlement


Shane and Anne


View of town


More ruins


Living over a cliff?


Snow angel up on the mountain




Terraced Hill Slope for Crops








Baby llama?




Andean Condors


--Machu Picchu--

Peru Rail engine takes train to Machu Picchu


Looking back at the train along the Urabamba River


Welcome Monument


Train car invader


...finds new friend


Entering the former settlement, abandoned when Spanish came in 1500s


Rediscovered in 1911, there are many tourists here


Spectacular town setting, designed for defense


A separation door used to be in this opening


Rooms with a river view of he Urabamba River


We survived the climb up the hill!