Sapphire Princess - 2018 December

--- SE Asia cruise ports---



Sunset after leaving Singapore


Boat people from Philippines at island across from Kota Kinabalu


Traditional Sabah tribal greeting


Dinosaur dragon bones (old whale) found here


Headhunter relics


Path to recreated old village houses


Gift shop with hardwood flooring


Orangutan at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park


Gibbon walking across bamboo pole


Agile young gibbon swings across the enclosure


Nha Trang - Local fruit seller


Nha Trang - old Buddhist Temple


Artifacts inside Temple


Artifacts inside Temple


Reed boat on Ca River with gift coolie hat provider


Near Nha Trang - traditional instruments


Sriracha Tiger Zoo - outside Bangkok (Bangkok was too far)


Trained Crocodiles


Trained Tigers


Buddhist Temple Complex


Buddhist Temple Complex


Buddhist Temple Complex


Buddhist Temple Complex


Buddhist Temple Complex


Huge rain, the road circling the island became a 75 kilometer long river


Slave male macaque, trained to pick ripe coconuts. An ethical problem?


Tender to shore and between islands


Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Twin Towers


Kuala Lumpur - War Memorial (Malaysia is Muslim country)


Kuala Lumpur - Intersection of two rivers where Tin was found


Kuala Lumpur - Diverse prosperity and rail system


Penang - Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm


Penang - Butterfly


Penang - Butterfly


Penang - Butterfly


Penang - Zoo Iguana (not native)


Penang - Georgetown - Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower