Indonesia - 2018 December

--- Batam, Sumatra; Jakarta, Java; Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan---

Resort on Batam Island with fish pond


Dinng left; Rooms center; Massage, right








Dining over the water, good cook


Jakarta tower


Central Park dining area


Tram to the tower


Waiting line for the tower


Fountain in the Park


Cat in the Park


Statue in the Park


Welcome to Pangkalan Bun airport


Pangkalan Bun Airport Entrance Sign


Traditional Community House


Small town of Songai on the river


African Oil Palm - plantations take over natural space


Main street of the town


Child with pet cat


Community house and school


Dog father and puppy


Canal from previous rice paddy next to street


Abandoned water control structure for rice (farm became uneconomic)