2001 Holiday Pictures

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We have added four new pictures from the Holidays. This is the largest tree that we have had. Chris had to trim two feet from the top of the Noble Fir to get it into the middle of the living room.
Christmas Day under the tree. Furball is on Emily.

The cats had lots of fun playing under the tree and with their treats.

Forte is peeking out from the presents.

Many of our friends sent cards this year.

Andy, Jeremy, and Louis-Arthur made ginerbread houses.

This is the Place of Miracles (Piazza di Miracoli) in Pisa. The leaning tower of Pisa is in the background. The baptisery is in the front and the duomo is in the middle. Please keep off the grass. This place had more tourists than anywhere else that we went besides the St. Peters Basilica in Rome.
Chris went to the Litton Advanced Technology Symposium at the Portofino Bay Hotel on the grounds of Universal Studios, Florida. The hotel was designed to be a copy of the town of Portofino in Italy. This picture was made from the photograph negative and placed on a CD by Ritz Camera.
So when we went to Italy, we had to visit the town of Portofino and compare the same view. Certainly, the boats in the harbor are much more functional and the paint is more faded. The background is more hilly. We thought the hotel did a really good job of copying the style of the Italian town.
This is the view of the harbor entrance at the Portofino Bay Hotel. Even the pattern of the blocks on the surface of the walkway was copied.
This is the same view in the town of Portofino. There was less space to walk around here, but even the Delfini restauant had the same name. We had a very deluxe meal there. Everyone had a good time feeding the leftover bread to the fish in the water.

Elaine and Arthur Charach came to Palm Springs and stayed at the Ocotillo Lodge. Lots of people from Winnipeg were there. We went out to visit them for a weekend. We played Scrabble. We visited the camel at the Living Desert Museum in Palm Desert. The cat show at the convention center was very interesting. Any cat that meowed during the competition was disqualified. We had the best license plate in the parking lot, however. Ours is PURRR.

This photograph was scanned into the computer.

At the end of 2000, Arthur and Phyllis Newman went to visit Katy in Big Sur. That is Anarion next to Katy. We saw her house in the redwoods, the Phoenix Shop, and all the sea creatures at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Of course, we had to then visit the Acquario di Genova in Italy. Both were very interesting.

This photograph was also scanned into the computer.

Here is Louis driving the Gator (yes that is its real name). It is a combination off road vehicle and dump truck. It is used on Ron and Marilyns island to travel the back trails and haul brush and logs around the island. Louis cleared off a large section of brush and trees in front of the house.
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. There are other pictures of the area in the set of Italy trip pictures.
This is a duplicate of the Venice gondola ride picture in the Venice section, but Chris said we had to include it in the montage of pictures of the year.
The tower was closed for straightening, but they failed. It is now open again for tourists to climb up to the top.
Chris Geosling(left) and Hank Abbink(middle) at the Portofino Bay Hotel conference area. The picture was taken by the official Litton photographer. He gets to go to every event.
Jeremy engaged in his favorite activity, playing videogames.