2002 Holiday Pictures

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This is the four generation picture. Arthur Newman is now a great-grandfather. Louis Newman is now a grandfather (unbelievably). Katy is holding Seanna. Jeremy and Emily are now an Uncle and an Aunt. There are more pictures of Seanna in another location on the web page.
Anarion and Emily are taking a hike in Big Sur with Sophie (the smaller black dog) and Blanco (the bigger part Great Dane). Both the dogs are very friendly and part of the family in Big Sur.

Chris likes to take hikes in the morning in the hills behind our house in Calabasas. This is a picture north from the ridge toward the San Fernando Valley. She gets a lot of good exercise doing this, and sees lots of wild plants and animals.

This picture has Anarion (now a father) and Katy (now a mother) with Seanna. The mostly orange stained glass work in the background is a desert scene designed just for this house. The sun is setting on the right on top of a yellow sandy canyon with reddish walls. The sun reflects off of the clouds.
Chris got out from behind the camera to get in the picture with daughters Katy and Emily and granddaughter Seanna. Seanna is six weeks old in this picture and we were fortunate to have both Katy and Emily home during the same weekend.