Riviera / Maggiore

Our hotel on the shores of Lake Maggiore. There was a nice parking lot in front of the hotel and our room has the balcony in front.
Several villas are along the shores of the lake.
There are many hydrangeas along the lake shore. They come in all colors from blue to purple to pink.
The main square in Torino.
A train along the shore taken from westward from the Grand Hotel de Mare in Bordighere along the Italian Riviera.
Our room is in the corner directly overlooking the salt water pool.
This is the view from the hotel in the eastward direction
Casino de Monte Carlo

The small amount of sand in a bay in Menton, France.

Sand is a rarity along the Riviera.

Dinner at the Delfini in Portofino, Italy.
Portofino. The Delfini is under the blue canopy on the left. This sight can also be seen (without the hills) at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.