Three Rivers, Sequoia National Park, San Simeon - May 2017

Chris' sister JoAnna flew from Milwaukee to LAX and we spent a week showing her around some of the places in Southern California. She likes water and sunshine, so visits to the local rivers and ocean locations are usually on the agenda.


Moro Rock


Wildlife Road Sign


JoAnna under fallen tree


General Sherman sign


Biggest tree


Hike Kaweah River Marble Fork from Lodgepole


Lower falls


Mountain rock face above trail


Tokopah Falls - JoAnna


Tokopah Falls - Chris


Tokopah Falls - Made it, 3 kilometers from Lodgepole Campground


The rocks have eyes


Foot twiddle - 5 second time limit (really cold water from snow melt)


Snowball coming at you


Lodgepole Campground Site #124 (preferred)


Round Meadow trail in Giant Forest


Ed by Ned twin trees in Round Meadow


Deer at salt lick


Tunnel Log - 8 foot clearance


San Simeon elephant seals


Elephant Seal Beach


Seal in moulting season with play ball


small disagreement, it is play season, not the January mating season


Kelp near rocky shore


San Simeon pier


Hearst Castle study


Hearst Castle 3rd floor study ceiling


Hearst Private Meeting Room (raze the roof to get artistic ceiling)


West Wing


House of the Sea (Hearst stayed here before 1926 and after 1947)


Flowers and servant quarters hidden in the trees


East Entrance (not completed)






Kaweah Raft Trip: Frank from Kaweah Whitewater Voyages was entirely correct in stating the river was too high for our prior rafting reservation on May 30. He offered a shorter class III trip at 1500, but we missed that since we went for a hike. The hike was beautiful but took 3 hours to get there and back. The raft trip the next morning was even worse as the river was higher and faster, so we did not even attempt that. A flow rate at Three Rivers of 3000 cubic feet per second or higher appeared to be too high and too fast for anything but much younger and more experienced rafters who do not mind getting tossed into the icy water.