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Crater Lake and Oregon Trip Pictures
Crater Lake and Oregon Trip by car
Electoral Map 2020 - Splashdown News
Play Terra Mystica Online
Statue in the Park?
What France did to Haiti in 19th Century!
What $10 in Stock Market in 1949 is worth 71 years later?
Bite the Bullet Train
Chicago Elevated History and Maps
My view of the Vietnam War
What about H in Vietnam?

Montana Railroads and Relatives

Montana Railroad Development (1880-1930)
Map of Railroads in Montana (1970)
Louis Newman living in Montana (1892-1921)
Louis Newman living in Los Angeles (1920-1932)

Events Occuring in 2020

Electoral Vote Changes
Political Statements To Canada
Coronavirus Societal Effects
Weather Change Studies

Places Visited in 2020

Palm Springs Machines
Second Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Lion Country Safari in Florida

Annual Greetings from 2019

2019 Annual Summary
2019 Picture is from Machu Picchu

Stories from a long time ago...inspired by a Storytelling article from Northwestern University

Little League Baseball from 1958
Contract Bridge from 1962
Management Problem from 1972
Organize Your Sermon from 1985
Space Shuttle Columbia from 2003
Airline Seat Selection from 2019

Travel Comments from 2019

Living Desert Zoo & Gardens - PDF format - Use Page Down/Up
Cruise Line Overview (Revision 3)
Visit to Portland, Oregon

Aerospace Summer Games, July 2019

Pictures at Games
Official Team Scores
Official Event Scores
My comments

Conejo Ski and Sports Club Trip --- Peru-Ecuador-Galapagos, May 2019

Peru - Lima, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu
Journey from Cuzco to the Galapagos
Pictures from Galapagos Islands
Quito, Ecuador
Links to Peru, Galapagos, and Ecuador movies (Word)

2019 Jan-April activity notes

Woolsey Fire - 5 months later
Palm Springs DesertX (2019 version)
Golf Again?
Chicago - The Musical
Ragtime - The Musical
Parking lot fender bender

Thoughts and Trips from 2018 (most recent on top)

2018 Year End Summary

Southeast Asia Trip -- December 2018

Brief Summary - Southeast Asia Trip - Dec 2018
Southeast Asia Trip Map - Dec 2018
Some Singapore City Pictures
Sapphire Princess ports of call
Places visited in Indonesia

Placeholder for more Southeast Asia pictures and orangutan movies

Links to Southeast Asia orangutan and monkey movies (Word)
Links to Southeast Asia orangutan and monkey movies (Text to Copy)


Woolsey Fire - November 2018
Woolsey Fire from my backyard
Conejo Ski Club Beach Party - September 2018
Family trip to the Island on Lake of the Woods - July 2018
That Was The Week That Was - TW3
The Known World in 1604
Game Theory in Boardgames and Beginner Ranking
What can DNA show about your birth relatives?
LinkedIn - General Career Lessons
LinkedIn - Managing People Basics
Why go to school?
Why commute to work?
BigBlueMoonTotalEclipse - January 31, 2018
Gaming Friends go to Palm Springs - January 2018
Franklin Roosevelt 3rd and 4th term comments

Personal History before 2018

The AAA trilogy(not the Auto Club) and AA problem(not that one either)

Frequent Flyer?

Holiday Greetings - December 2017

2017 Holiday Letter
2017 Picture: Chris and Lou at West Allis Central 50th reunion
2017 New Year Eve gathering on the front porch (for 2018)

Thoughts and Trips from 2017 (most recent on top)

Family Trip to Arizona/Utah - December 2017
Almighty Grade Point Average at Caltech
Herman Sims and the Lost Relatives
Chris high school 50th reunion - September 2017
WashingtonDC area tour locations
Around the Sierra Nevada
Roger & Me (from 1967)
Sink the Boat and the Kayak
Shadows from Great American Eclipse - August 21, 2017
Epidermolysis Bullosa as a Personal Problem
Caltech Exothermic Reactions

Scandinavia Trip -- June 2017

Scandinavia reordered by subject with more pictures
Scandinavia by rail and ferry in time order - June 2017


Sequoia National Park and San Simeon - May 2017
Cruise to Northern Caribbean - May 2017
Fred's Professional Wildlife Pictures
Spring Flowers in Southern California
Visiting Aunt Ethel in Toronto
Palm Springs - Art in the Desert - February 2017
Age of California Car from License Plate
Boardgame - 20 Days in Africa and Europe
College Theme Songs

Holiday Greetings -- December 2016

2016 Holiday Letter
2016 Picture: Family Around Tree from 2015

South Africa Trip with Emily - November 2016

South Africa Animals
South Africa Destinations and Activities
South Africa Rail Routes
South Africa Self-Drive Trip Maps
Homeward: Capetown to Johannesburg to Atlanta to LAX

2016 Activities and Pictures

Convention in Philadelphia - Oct 2016
USC Trojan football at Coliseum
Trip to Sacramento, Amtrak to Reno
Chris - Fishing Pictures
Trip to the Island - July 2016
Island 2015 Pictures
Island 2016 Pictures
Winnipeg Relatives
Calabasas Old Fire - June 2016
Calabasas Fire Pictures
Kern River Rafting Pictures
Anacapa Island Pictures

Caltech Class of 1966 50th Reunion - May 2016

Page House attendance
Class Picture of 1966-name tags
50th Reunion Pictures
You Have To Predict The Future

California Central Coast Trips

Solvang, Morro Bay, and San Simeon

People interacting with animals

Which animals like people?

Desert Trips - February 2016

Palm Springs; Death Valley; Las Vegas; Borrego Springs; Lancaster
Palm Springs Pictures
Death Valley Pictures
Las Vegas Wynn Hotel
Borrego Dinosaur Pictures

Rose Parade Experience - January 2016

Watching the parade and people
Tournament of Roses float awards
Post Parade float pictures

Holiday Greetings - December 2015

2015 Holiday Letter
2015 Picture: Andy, Suzuna, Melina
2015 Picture: Seanna, Kaiden

Night on the beach

Border invariance from 1975

Trip to Anza-Borrego State Park - October 2015

Galleta Meadows Sculptures
Pictures of prior trips and sandtrap

Adventures in outdoor activities


Cruise from Istanbul to Aegean Sea and Athens - June/July 2015

Ephesus, Bodrum, Rhodes
Cultural differences
Pictures from Istanbul and Aegean Coast

Stay in Moorea, Tahiti, and Cruise - February 2015

Trip to some Society Islands
Pictures on land and underwater

Holiday Greetings - December 2014

2014 Holiday Letter
2014 Picture: Stingray City Antigua

Northwestern Chemistry Department Reunion - October 2014

Picture - Geosling, Allred, Newman
Chemistry at Caltech
Chemistry at Northwestern
Chemistry at Work

Trip to Spain and Morocco - September 2014

The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
Pictures of the trip

Eastern Caribbean Cruise from San Juan - April 2014

Visit several islands and snorkel
Celebrity Ship and Port Pictures

Visit to BioSphere2 near Tucson - January 2014

People in a bubble for two years
BioSphere2PDF - 45 pictures, use Page Down /Page Up

Opinions about some standard cultural beliefs

Human relationship practices
Activities without long-term effects
Group judging of animals and projects
School success vs. life success
How to lose your job!
Social norms are not for everybody

Prescription Drug System in USA

Trip to Mexico for drugs

Holiday Greetings - December 2013

2013 Holiday Letter
2013 Picture: Resnik Medal - Chris
Resnik Medal - Plaque
Morro Bay Sand Dunes
CSUN Graduation

Prevalence of Alcohol in American Culture

Opinion of alcohol for drinking

Visit to Bay Area and Fruit Orchards - July 2013

What is the cost of a peach?

Eastern Europe Cruise and Poznan Visit - June/July 2013

Countries visited on the trip
City details for this trip
Dresden changes from 1945 to 2013
Pictures from Danube river cruise and places

Holiday Greetings - December 2012

2012 Holiday Letter
2012 Picture: Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Costa Rica Trip with Tufts University - August 2012

Costa Rica trip summary
Costa Rica PDF - 67 pictures, use Page Down /Page Up

Brazil Trip with Emily - Dec 2011/Jan 2012

What is Brazil like to visit?
How was your trip in pictures? (large .ppt file)

Holiday Greetings - December 2011

2011 Holiday Letter
2011 Picture: Morro Bay Camping
Kings River Expedition

New Orleans Visit and Cruise - October 2011

New Orleans Trip Description

Mt. Wilson Observatory - August 2011

Viewing through the 60 inch telescope

Caltech Page House 45th Reunion - May 2011

Touch Football Recollections

Santa Cruz Island Ecology

Overnight camping on Santa Cruz island

2010 Picture: Sioux Narrows Boat

World Cup Contest - June/July 2010

World Cup Contest Letter

Holiday Greetings - December 2009

2009 Holiday Letter

Jamaica - September 2009

Jamaica Letter

Caltech House

Caltech House Letter

Berg Family Tree

Berg Family Tree Powerpoint

Kurk Family Tree

Kurk Family Tree Powerpoint

Holiday Greetings - December 2008

2008 Holiday Letter

Riverboat Trip to Russia

Finland/Estonia/Russia Summary (upload 2018)
Russia Trip Pictures (upload 2018)

Hanni Gelles

Hanni Gelles Letter

George Blancard

Pilot George Blancard (upload 2018)

Holiday Greetings - December 2007

2007 Holiday Letter

Riverboat Trip to Holland/Germany/Austria

Rhine/Main/Danube Pictures (upload 2018)

A Soccer World Series - July 2007

A Soccer World Series Letter

Holiday Greetings - December 2006

2006 Holiday Letter

Japan Trip - September/October 2006

Japan Trip Letter

Kaiden Grant Wittler - January 20th, 2006

7 lbs, 4 oz -- 19 1/2 inches

Holiday Greetings - December 2005

2005 Holiday Letter

Trip to London/Egypt - September 2005

London and Egypt Trip Letter
Egypt Trip Map and Pictures (upload 2018)

Cabo San Lucas - June 2005

Los Cabos, Mexico Trip - May 2005

Experiences from 2005 (written 2018)

My Brother's Keeper: David Woolcott
Why Jeremy Did Not Graduate From High School
My Attempt To Carpool

Holiday Greetings - December 2004

2004 Holiday Letter

Panama Canal Cruise - September 2004

Panama Cruise Letter

Cruise to Ensenada - January 2004

Ensenada Cruise Letter
Ensenada Cruise Pictures

Holiday Greetings - December 2003

2003 Holiday Letter

Brush Fires - October 2003

Brush Fires Pictures

Sedona, Jerome Arizona - July 2003

Sedona Pictures

Narrow Gauge Trains- July 2003

Narrow Gauge Trains Letter
Narrow Gauge Trains Pictures

Visitors From Space - June 2003

Life On Other Worlds Web Tour (new)
Vision Into Space Web Tour (new)
Visitors From Space Web Tour

Take me out to the ball game! - April 2003

Ball Game Letter

Where has the Love gone? - January 2003

LoveGone Letter

Holiday Greetings - December 2002

2002 Holiday Letter
2002 Holiday Pictures

Seanna Irie Wittler - October 5th, 2002

6 lbs, 14 oz

London Trip - September 2002

London Trip Letter
London Trip Pictures
London Trip Transportaion Letter

Grand Canyon Rail - August 2002

Grand Canyon Rail Letter
Grand Canyon Rail Pictures

The New Island - July 2002

Island Pictures

Detached Retina - January 2002

The Detached Retina Letter

Holiday Greetings - December 2001

2001 Holiday Letter
2001 Holiday Pictures

Italy - July 2001

The Italy Trip Pictures
The Italy Trip Letter

Colorado River - April 2001

Girl Scout Trip Summary

New York - March 2001

The New York Trip Letter

Holiday Greetings - December 1998,1999,2000

2000 Holiday Letter

1999 Holiday Letter

1998 Holiday Letter

1983 Holiday Letter

1982 Holiday Letter

1981 Holiday Letter


(Arthur Newman)


(Phyllis Newman)